The author is 50 years old and has waited 20 years to be able to bring The Wonderful World of Marsha Browne to her audience.

It started back then in Texas when she wrote the short rymes and posted an ad for an illustrator. When she found the illustrator, she new, she was the perfect person to share this adventure with. They worked together for a few months, but unfortunately, finances became an issue and the two of them went their separate ways.

As the years passed, the author carried the stories and the few illustrations that had been sketched in the the short few months that she worked with the illlustrator.

Once in a while throughout her journies to different states (Virginia, Texas, Rhode Island, Mass., etc.) and different countries (Europ eTour and finally Switzerland), she was always on the lookout for another illustrator to share the Wonderful World of Marsha Browne.

As the chemistry of the last attempt to involve a new illustrator disolved, the author decided to take advantage of todays technology. She began immediately searching for the original illustrator in the internet.

She could not find her in Facebook, so she decided to just take a chance that she would find her somewhere on some website. She still remembered her name because she carried her business card in her wallet over the last 20 years and although it was a bit tattered, it was still legible enough to make the search.

After a search in Google, it was the 2nd website with the name of the illustrator that led her directly back into 20 years of waiting.

A quick telephone call to the illustrator. . . The illustrator didn’t recall who could be calling, but after a short description of the stories they worked on together for those few months, she was delighted. She agreed immediately to start the project once again, as then, 20 years ago, she had been a great fan of Marsha Browne.

We are delighted to share these stories with you!!